By: Christina Uhl

Steptoe Valley High School would like to congratulate one of our students for receiving early graduation approval from the White Pine County School Board of Trustees.

Wyett Peevy, a 17 year old junior here at SVHS, will complete all of the credits necessary to graduate and receive his high school diploma one year earlier than expected.

We are very proud of Wyett and impressed at how hard he has worked in order to complete his classes. Wyett has a bright future ahead of him and the staff here at SVHS feel very fortunate to be able to help him achieve his goals in a timely manner.

Wyett has been a student at SVHS since he was a Freshman and for the last three years, he has maintained excellent grades and attendance. He has shown through his school work the ability to exceed the minimum required work for his assignments everyday.

According to SVHS teacher Mr. Pantello: “Wyett has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy student and there’s no doubt in (his) mind that Wyett will take advantage of this opportunity and excel in his future endeavors.”

Wyett’s future plans include moving to South Dakota after graduation. He has always expressed great interest in the military, even from a young age, and plans to enlist in the United States National Guard.

Wyett plans to use his college funding to enroll at South Dakota State University and earn a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Agricultural Sciences and minoring in Computer Programming.