Courtesy photo
Wally Cuchine and Jennifer Messina hang the new art exhibit from his collection.

The Ely Art Bank will host an open house on April, 10 am to 5 pm,1 for its art exhibit featuring the Wally Cuchine Nevada Art collection.

Wally Cuchine is a former resident of Ely/manager of the Bristlecone Convention Center. His art collection is made up of paintings and other pieces that capture the beauty of Nevada’s Great Basin landscapes, buildings, and the people who have made Nevada home for generations.

Cuchine also spent years as the director of the Eureka Opera House beginning with its restoration in 1995. He has been active in promoting Nevada tourism, traveling the state for years.

His collection grew as he met local artists around the state and began putting together this unique representation of the beauty of Nevada.

The Ely Art Bank is proud to display this collection. The Art Bank features work by more than 35 local artists and includes painting, sculpture, wood and glass pieces, jewelry, books, and many more items that all reflect the heritage of the Great Basin.

The Ely Art Bank is located at 399 Aultman Street in downtown Ely. It Art Bank is open Friday and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Information can be found at

Please join us for Chocolates and Champagne to welcome Wally Cuchine and his wonderful collection of art celebrating Nevada.