Courtesy photo
Pictured: band sitting in high school band room. Joint rehearsal of Learning Bridge Charter School and White Pine High School Band.

The beginning band performed at the Care Center.  White Pine High School Band and  the Learning Bridgeś advance band combined their talents for a rehearsal.

Learning Bridge and Core Knowledge believes that a   music program should not be a peripheral part of the curriculum but an essential part of the knowledge all children should be exposed to in elementary school.  All the students at Learning Bridge are engaged in the music program from kindergarten through 8th grade. Learning Bridge incorporates a spiral Core Knowledge music content which includes the study of classical music, composers, elements of music, listening and understanding of various instruments and singing of specific songs at  each grade level.  Volunteer, Mrs. Julie Krch teaches the kindergarten through 3rd grade music.  Third grade students also learn how to play the recorder in preparation for participation in band as a fourth grader.

Mrs. Alicia Saunders is a volunteer that teaches choir and Core Knowledge music content to fourth through 8th graders. She has a 4th and 5th grade choir and a 6th through 8th grade choir.

Cal Henley is Learning Bridgeś band instructor, with Warren Krch as his assistant.  Learning Bridge has a beginning band made up of 4th graders and older students who have recently joined our family.  They recently performed for the White Pine Care Center residents.  The advance band represents the fifth through 8th grade students.

Earlier this month the advance band joined the White Pine High School Band for a joint rehearsal.   The groups played for each other and then  joined forces and played a selection together. Upon graduation from  Learning Bridge students are planning on joining the high school band program..

This was a great way to introduce students to the high school music program.  Mr. Henley and Principal Kristy Sedlacek would like to thank Mrs. Murdock and Ms. Hall for the opportunity to learn together.