Carson City—The Nevada State Treasurer’s Office’s Nevada College Savings Plans Division is happy to announce the deadline to enroll in the Nevada Prepaid Tuition program has been extended to April 30 — great news for parents still contemplating locking in their child’s future in-state college tuition at today’s rates!

Pre-pay future tuition by locking in your payment based on today’s prices. Payments are affordable and will not change regardless of future tuition increases.

Families can choose to pay a one-time lump sum, pay monthly for five years, or pay monthly until high school graduation.

Plans start as low as $38 per month for a community college plan for a newborn.

The in-state tuition value can even be used out-of-state at any college or university that accepts FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Today’s in-state rates, tomorrow’s value.

The Nevada Prepaid Tuition program has been in existence for 19 years, with over 20,000 participants. For more information, go to or call 702-486-2025.