Courtesy photo
Fourth through eighth grade winners.

Courtesy photo
Kindergarten through third grade teams.

Learning Bridge held their fourth annual spelling bee last week,  Sixty students from Kindergarten through eighth grade participated.  Mrs. Carla Powell was the pronouncer, judges were Darcey Evers, Julie Krch and Cassandra Bralower.  The spelling bee committee consisted of Billie Coleman, Linda Montgomery, Carla Powell, Hillary Giles and Leslie Derbidge. Principal Sedlacek presented the awards to all the participants.

Pictured: (4th – 8th grade winners)Eighth Grade top spellers were as follows:  First place, Karlee Cue; Second place, Olivia Hendrix;  Third place, Thomas Nardi.

Seventh Grade top spellers were:  First place, Kaycee Schulz;  Second place, Clara McOmber; Third place, Octavio Perez.

Sixth Grade top spellers were:  First place, Ashton Visser (not pictured); Second place, Tyler Petersen; Third place, Brianna Newman.

Fifth Grade top spellers were: First place, Ashlyn Rivera; Second place, Macayla Bybee; Third place, Kayley Williams.

Fourth Grade top spellers were:  First place, Cora Rajala; Second place, Brynn Gardner (not pictured). Third place, McKenzie Rajala.

Kindergarten through third grade worked as a team to produce the correct spelling of the word.  The top spellers in Kindergarten through third grade are as follows:

Third Grade Team:  First place, Caleb Hellmann, Travis Petersen, Alana Berrocal.  Second place, Jessica Loghry, Sasha Rodriquez and Gage McLean. Third place, Gianna Maestes, Craig Reed and Paityn Lawrence.

Second Grade Team:  First place, Hazel Williams, Ainsley Giles and Booklynn Sena. Second place, Camden Johnson, Liberty Tait, Aiden Campbell. Third place, Jacob Derbidge, Payton Walker and Carter Ulibarri.

First Grade Team: First place, Grace Hall, Eva Maestes and Rebecca Bishop.  Second place, David Perez, Kiera Vaught,  Theron Hernandez.  Third place, Noah McLean, Talviano Sifre and John Wheable.

Kindergarten Team:  First place, Della Deleon, Fay Saunders and Chloe Hellmann.  Second place, Cainen Sedlacek, Jasmine Parent and Reese Maestes. Third place,  Cloud Poplin, Kate Eldridge, Kason Giles and Evan Cooper participated as an alternate.