Emily Prindle – Rivera was recently diagnosed with Multiple Scherosis at age 17. Her and her little brother Hayden Rivera are enjoying the MS Burger from Silver State
Restaurant on Saturday. 

Heidy and her mother-in-law Christa Mike selling baked good and raffle tickets Satruday at Silver State.

By Teresa Stewart

Heidy Farnsworth has quietly fought Multiple Scherosis for the past 12 years until she decided to bring awareness to the community.

Farnsworth, her mother-in-law Christa Mike and Rebecca Hulings, owner of the Silver State Restaurant held a fundraiser last weekend.

She held a raffle for some Easter baskets, sold yummy homemade treats at her bake sale, donations on the walkms.org site,  and if you ordered the MS specials from the kitchen, the proceeds of the specials went to the fundraiser.

Silver State sold 34 burgers and 23 breakfasts, with everything, she made $1,507. All money raised will go to the MS foundation for research, and hopefully find a cure.

“We have such an awesome community and I am so blessed to be a part of it. It was very emotional for me to see such an overflow of love and support from this wonderful community” Farnsworth said.

Before this weekends fundraiser, Team Heidy had raised $492 and has now raised $1,992. You can track their progress by going to walkms.org and search Team Heidy.