Teresa Stewart

The Ely Times

Last Thursday, April 6, White Pine High School put on a Mock Drill.

This drill was to prepare the schools staff and children and well as the rescue team of what to do in case of a disaster. In this case, a truck was delivering a load of chlorine tablets to the Aquatic Center, turned on the wrong road and was hit, spilling its load creating a chorine gas leak.

Numerous agencies were involved, White Pine County Sheriffs office, Ely Fire and County Fire, Nevada Highway Patrol, Nevada Department of Emergency, Nevada Department of Transportation, William Bee Ririe Hospital, the HAM Radio club, White Pine County School District and Pool Pact.

All surrounding buildings along with White Pine High School went into emergency shelter including the Aquatic Center, Learning Bridge Charter School, Great Basin College, Magic Carpet Pre-School, Shoshone Pre-school and even Little People’s Headstart took the opportunity to practice as well.

The shelter time lasted 45 minutes then the students practiced the re-unification process with a few volunteer parents.