By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

It’s that time of year again in Nevada to apply for your hunting tags. White Pine always draws in the hunters, and many who live here are seen in pictures with those monster bucks, and record breaking elk horns. The application period ends April 17th, so you only have a little time left.

The first step is to go online at or pick up a copy of the Big Game application book at Sportsworld. This will show you area maps and the quotas for each unit. Big game species include mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, three sub-species of bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat and black bear.

Nevada’s big game hunts are conducted by a random draw process and this applies to anyone who is age 12 years and older. There are several changes in 2017 to the amount of time before you can apply for a particular tag again. Waiting period for antelope with horns-longer-than ears is now 3 years regardless of hunt access. A waiting period for an antlered elk is now 7 years regarding of a successful hunt. The previous 5 year waiting period remains in effect for antlered elk holders who were unsuccessful prior to 2017 and are currently ineligible to apply for antlered elk. There are also many big game season overlaps were several were unavoidable.

Once you have an idea of regions and your familiar with the possible hunting units, talk with friends and fellow family hunters. Most hunters like to share a good hunting story of the area they previously hunted successfully. And if you are feeling like taking a big chance, there is a program called the Nevada Dream Tag Program. This is a raffle that allows resident and non-resident sportsmen a chance for a hunt of a lifetime. To participate in the raffle you must first purchase a Resource Enhancement Stamp for $10 dollars. Then you can purchase an unlimited number of raffle tickets for each species available for $5 dollars each. You can purchase these tickets at

This program helps contribute to Nevada’s wildlife habitat. You can also purchase tickets for your family and friends. They just might make a great birthday or Christmas gift for that avid hunter in your life. Tickets are on sale until June 30th, and the winner is announced in July.