By Teresa Stewart

The Ely Children’s Community Theater put on an outstanding  musical play called Into the Woods based off of the book written by James Lapine.

It takes everyones favorite storybook character and brings them together about wishes, family and the choices we make. Even in fairytale land, everything has it’s price. “The show opens with the Narrator (Whom ends up a tasty morsel for the dragon), the Baker and his wife interweaving the story lines of several Fairytale characters; each following  their own paths into the woods to make their wishes come true. As the show goes on, we find that some of the characters need the help of others to fulfill their wish.

“In the end we learn that wishes are not free, every choice has consequences, no one is alone, and the only way through difficult times is in community,”  Suzanne Calhoun said.

It took more than 100 kids, two directors, more than two dozen volunteers and an orchestra of 11 to put this three hour play on with two weekends of production for the community to watch. Please watch for future productions by the Ely Children’s Community Theater and where you can buy your tickets to watch these shows.