The White Pine High and Junior High rodeo team competed at the Douglas, Carson rodeo. Maggie Wines finished in 8th place in Poles, Barrels, and Goats on Sunday.
Courtesy photo

The following three girls traveled to Gardnerville, Nevada to compete in the Douglas Carson Rodeo this past easter weekend.


Barrels: Chloe Keppner placed 16th, time: 20.652

Maggie Wines placed 15th, time: 19.699

Kelsey Adomele – placed 24th, time: 25.621

Poles: Chloe Keppner placed 4th, time: 22.266

Maggie Wines placed 21st time:  28.174

Kelsey Adomele placed 14 time: 22.121

Goats:Maggie Wines – 13 time: 14.280

Chloe Keppner 17 time: 17.300


Barrels: Maggie Wines placed 8th time: 19.070

Chloe Keppner placed 13th  time: 19.634

Kelsey Adomele placed 15th time: 19.969

Poles:Chloe Keppner – placed 6th time: 22.528

Maggie Wines – placed 8th time: 22.650

Kelsey Adomele – placed 12th time: 24.645

Goats:Maggie Wines –  placed 8th time: 12:00