By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray 

In a time in the U.S. today where there is talk of a wall being built, illegal immigrants, and talks of deportations, I thought it might be interesting to share an article from 75 years ago.

The headline read: “12 New Citizens will receive certificate in Ely Tonight”. Twelve residents of  the area became citizens of the United States. A ceremony was held at the school gymnasium where a patriotic program followed that was sponsored by the Ely Lions Club in conjunction with other service and patriotic organizations of the district.

The twelve new citizens passed their final requirements before Douglas Lillie and Otto Mutz of the naturalization service. They were the only ones out of twenty eight applicants to qualify under the stringent examinations.  The new citizens were: Pedro Goicoechea of Eureka, John Kirby of Ely, James Manos of McGill, Ilija Kantor of McGill, Harry A. Pappas of Ruth, Mrs. Gracianna Ayarbe of Ely, Mary Basta of Ely, Constantina Poulakidas of Kimberly, Mike Zaya of Kimberly, Demetrios V. Vacalaos of McGill, Gus Theras of Kimberly and Dominique Ayarbe of Ely.

The new citizens came from the far parts of the old world, Spain, Great Britian, Greece, Yugoslvia, France, Serbia and Croatia.

They were welcomed by the the General Manager, J.C. Kinner of Nevada Consolidated Copper Corporation who also delivered the address of the evening following a colorful program that included a color guard of the Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars . The band played the some “America” and Reverand Laird Loveland delivered the invocation. Tom Geraghty led the Pledge to the Flag, P.W. Machin gave the Constitutinal Oath and each person was presented with their citizenship certificate ans small American flags while the band played the Star Spangled Banner.