KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
The Bristlecone Bowman hold three Archery Golf Shoots a year at the Whiite Pine Golf Course.

By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

The Ely Times

Archery Golf? Say What?

Who would think that arrows flying on a golf course would be a great idea? But what other golf course can you play on where you hear the roaring of a hundred year old steam locomotive roaring down the tracks and the smell of smoke in the air from the train nearby the White Pine Golf Course. Each year the Bristlecone Bowmen hold three Archery Golf Shoots to prove it. This last Sunday they held their first shoot of the season at the White Pine Golf Course. Approximately 25 participated in this event.

What is Archery Golf? Is it safe? The game consists of competing players shooting arrows at a target on the course, with the objective being able to do so using the fewest number of shots. Targets like a deer, fox, coyote, or even a fish were meticulously placed out on the greens. Players are paired up, or designated to teams and assigned to start on a specific hole. Common sense really is the main rule during an event such as this. No archer shall shoot until the previous group is done and well away from the green, it must be all clear. The winner is the archer who, shoots the lowest total score.

The Bristlecone Bowmen have been hosting this even for approximately four years now, without any injuries or incidents ever being reported.

Participants of all ages compete and are encouraged to come out and participate. Archery golf was first started in 1923 and has been played in tournaments ever since.

Historically, archery golf has adopted some of the rules of golf to play a game that uses more traditional and some modern archery tools.

If you haven’t tried it I would recommend you give it a whirl.