The WP Rodeo Club is a combination of both middle school and high school students in addition to that, they also have students from Eureka who participate on the team. The team traveled to Washoe for a Jr. High and High School Rodeo this last weekend.

Shay Zeman-Heckethorn placed 11th in poles and 27th in barrels on Saturday, Sunday she placed  21st in poles and 14th in barrels in the high school rodeo. Teanna Green placed 21st in Breakaway Roping and 22nd in Barrel Racing. Maggie Wines placed 5th in poles and 10th in goats on Saturday. Sunday she placed 6th in poles and 3rd in breakaway in the Jr. high rodeo. The team as a whole represented the WP Rodeo Club very well. The Rodeo Team is taking a much needed break form rodeo this weekend to help with the Crab Crack this weekend, They will be in Panaca for the Lincoln Rodeo May 5th and 6th.

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Girls Breakaway Roping

High School StudentsLester, Morgan – Time 7.880, placed 19thGreen, Teanna – Time 12.940, placed 21st

Barrel Racing

High School students

Green, Teanna – Time 18.383, placed 22nd

Hamilton, Tabatha – Time 18.689, placed 25th

Zeman-Heckethorn, Shay – Time 18.930, placed 27th

Jr. High Students

Keppner, Khloe – Time 17.969. placed 5th

Wines, Maggie – Time 18.730, placed 14th

Pole Bending

High School Students

Zeman-Heckethorn, Shay – Time 22.537, placed 11th

Hamilton, Tabatha, Time 24.469, placed 16th

Lester, Morgan, Time 26.527, placed 21st

Green, Teanna, Time 27.551, placed 26th

Jr. High  students

Keppner, Khloe, Time 22.576, placed 4th

Wines, Maggie, Time 23.352. placed 5th

Girls Goat Tying

Jr. High Student

Wines, Maggie – Time 15.00, placed 10th

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Girls Breakaway

Middle School Students Wines, Maggie – Time 6.760, placed 3rd

Barrel Racing

High School Students

Zeman-Heckethorn, Shay – Time 17.687, placed 12th

Hamilton, Tabatha – Time 18.734, placed 26th

Green, Teanna – Time 19.025, placed 27th

Lester, Morgan- Time  19.310, placed 31st

Jr. High Students

Keppner, Khloe – Time 17.540, placed 6th

Wines, Maggie – Time 18.377, placed 15th

Pole Bending

High School Students

Green, Teanna – Time 22.155, placed 11th

Zeman-Heckethorn, Shay – Time 26.776, placed 21st

Lester, Morgan, Time – 30.839, placed 30th

Jr. High Students

Wines, Maggie – Time 22.440, placed 6th

Girls Goat Tying

Jr High Students

Keppner, Khloe – Time 15.440, placed 16th

Wines, Maggie  -Time 15.540, placed 17th