By: KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

The Ely Times

The Ely City Council meeting last Thursday had quite a few business licenses and liquor licenses approved.

Denny’s, and Mr. Gino’s were both approved for Class IV Liquor Licenses. Approval for Home Occupation permits were given to Guadalupe Holbrook to conduct a health wellness therapy business called Lupe’s Reflexology. Approval was also given to Dana Sandoval to conduct a handyman/cleaning business called Sandoval Solutions.

Dotty’s Gaming and Spirits is attempting to place some gaming machines in the Ridleys Market where the bank was previously located. Dotty’s requested a reduction of requirements for parking at the proposed location. Their request was denied by the City Council.

Elaine Blackham with the Economic Development Council appeared before the council to request a letter for approval from the City in support letter of a grant proposal regarding the Duck Pond Renovation.

The grant request is in the amount of $1,188,535.34. The grant would place the ducks into a temporary duck pond where the old annex used to be, so that a contractor can go in and completely renovate the duck pond.

Blackham said, “It is leaking water, and has been for years. Part of the project includes, a low ground clearance to make easier access for the ducks, when the project is completed a whole new duck pond will be created.”

There was discussion that they would use the pond as a system to water the county parks, creating a cost saving measure all the way around.

Blackham did mention that it will depend on what the Historic Preservation will require. Plans include installing a boardwalk that will be above the sidewalk so you can look down onto the ducks, update the fencing, provide shaded seating and picnic tables and signage that will include the history of downtown Ely.

Plans include educational and interpretive signage panels explaining the history of White Pine County and highlighting the downtown corridor. The city council granted approval for the support letter.

A request for a one-year extension was sent from the White Pine County Commission for the Building and Planning Interlocal agreement.

Councilman Bruce Setterstrom motioned to deny the request. Setterstrom said, “I motion that we deny their request for an extension, they have had 3 months, they want 18 months to hand write a contract that only took us 45 days to do the first time in only two meetings?

“There’s no reason to put it off. When they wanted us to give them the land, they had no problem pushing, rushing that thru. They can still get it in time before the deadline.”

Councilman Kurt Carson second the motion. Councilman Hanson began to speak about the agreement, saying “i don’t suppose we have any alternative, i’m sensitive to the fact that we were here 48 hours ago, with (County) Xommissioner (Shane) Bybee, the relationship we have with the county. I was wondering if we could make a counter proposal.”

Setterstrom spoke quickly asking why? The contract is due to expire on June 30. Carson said “maybe we can get together and hammer something out.”

Although it was agreed upon that there were only a few changes that needed to be made, the request for a one year extension was still denied unanimously by the city council.

Setterstrom’s request to resign from the Tour and Rec Board was accepted, and the Mayor appointed Jolene Gardner to the board.