Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

Murder mystery television programs seems to very popular with the viewing public. As you scan the channels on your television network you can always find one or two.

As a police officer for thirty years I always joke about how they can solve a crime in an hour and if you add in the commercials it’s probably only thirty minutes.

Here in White Pine County we have several unsolved cases dealing with unknown deceased’s persons. One of them is a murder mystery.

In July of 1988 the Sheriff’s Office received a report of human remains that were located near highway 93 near the Geyser Ranch. During the investigation Deputies assigned to investigate the incident reported that a rancher had located the remains in a rural area. When Deputies arrived at the scene they investigated the area and the deceased was transported to the Wahsoe County Coroner’s Office to determine the cause of death and for further investigation. .

The Coroner’s Office determined that the deceased was a Euroamerican between the ages of 25-30. It was determined that the deceased was a male and that he had died due to several gunshot wounds to the head. With this information the case was classified as a murder. Deputies interviewed several individuals who lived in the area and also worked closely with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office following up on leads in the case. Dental records and DNA were entered into the Nevada State repository system to assist the Sheriff’s Office in identifying the deceased and as of today this case is still considered open.

Every now and then I do receive information from other law enforcement agencies that are dealing with missing persons. These agencies request our information to determine if their missing person is our decedent.

Present day the deceased has never been identified. We classify this case as a cold case and hope someday it will be solved. It’s just not as easy as you see on TV to solve these type of cases.