Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

Continuing with the same format as last week’s article I would like to high light another mystery that has occurred in our county.

This one occurred May 7, 2000. The Sheriff’s Office received a report of human remains that were located near Murry Summit on highway US 6. Deputies reported that when they arrived to the area the first thing they located was a human skull. The deputies then searched the area and located other human bones that they believed were related to the incident. The deputies collected all the items as evidence and the case was referred to the detective division at the Sheriff’s office.

Detectives assigned to the case and with the help of an anthropologist were able to reassemble the skeletal remains and reported that the skeletal remains were approximately 80% complete. The detectives reported that the deceased was a male and was approximately six feet tall. Detectives reported that no obvious signs of death were located.

The humerus bone was sent to the Washoe County Forensic Science Division to obtain mitochondrial DNA. This information was then entered into the Nevada State Repository system to be shared with other agencies who might have missing people in their jurisdictions.

As of today this case is still open, but classified as a cold case. The Sheriff’s Office hopes that someday this individual will be identified and the case may be closed.