By Carol Beager 

The White Pine Public Museum is pleased to inform our communities the Museum in Ely is now open seven days a week, from 10:00 a.m until 4:00p.m.

The Museum has become a satellite Tourist Information Center and is prepared to offer Visitor Information every day for those traveling in our area and locals that are interested in our history.  This was made possible through the Tour and Recreation Board.

The White Pine Public Museum and the McGill Drug Store, Incorporated, is a Non-Profit Organization governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the membership.  The Museums do not receive funding form the State, White Pine County or the City of Ely.

The Board is enthusiastic and has been working towards making improvements to the museums.

The Ely Museum was fortunate to have received a grant to install new carpeting which led to a much needed rejuvenation.  With the assistance of many volunteers, the Museum continues to make improvements to our facilities.

The McGill Drug Store is a time capsule that was gifted to the White Pine Public Musem Corporation from the Culbert Family who had owned and operated the Drug Store during the Kennecott days in McGill.  Jerry and Elsa Culbert were dedicated to our communities, known and loved by all.

Plans for the Board at the McGill Drug Store include a clean-up schedule, encourage volunteer help, including Board Members at the Drug Store, and attempt to incorporate a consistent schedule for operation.  Presently the Drug Store is open by appointment only.  We look forward to making our facilities the best they can be.  Volunteers receive orientation and a review of Museum Protocol, and their stories are welcomed.

Dan Braddock has been a loyal volunteer at the Drug Store facility for many years as the tour guide and offers his presentation as “Soda Jerk”.  On occasion, ice cream cones are served.  His dedication is appreciated by all.

The Board of Directors received a grant in 2016 to develop a Strategic Plan. The plan outlines goals to be achieved over the next few years including:  Improving our facilities, (The White Pine Public Museum and McGill Drug store), financial stability, developing partnerships throughout our communities and improvements including sharing our stories and enhancing our collections.  It is an ambitious plan that will include many volunteers with talents and time to share toward achieving goals.

For further information contact the White Pine Public Museum located at 2000 Aultman Street, 775-289-4710 or via email at