The White Pine Rodeo Team is back from the Wells Nevada Rodeo and now preparing for the state finals in Winnemucca Nevada for both Jr. High and High school Rodeo.

Here are the results for our rodeo athletes of the Wells Rodeo, High School

Teanna Green

Barrel Racing 17th on Saturday and 17th on Sunday

Breakaway 18th on Sunday

Pole bending 8th on Saturday and 8th on Sunday

Morgan Lester

Barrel Racing 30th on Saturday and 28th on Sunday

Pole bending 26th on Saturday and 21st on Sunday

Tabatha Hamilton

Barrel racing 21st on Sunday

Pole bending 9th on Saturday and 26 on Sunday

Catherine Odgers

Breakaway 15th on Saturday

Pole bending 21st on Saturday and 18th on Sunday

Jr. High

Khloe Keppner

Pole bending 13th on Saturday and 7th on Sunday

Goat tying 17th on Sunday

Barrel racing 18th on Saturday and 12th on Sunday

Maggie Wines

Breakaway 10th on Saturday

Pole bending 8th on Saturday and 17th on Sunday

Goat tying 12 on Saturday

Barrel racing 16th on Saturday and 19th on Sunday

If you see any of the Rodeo members around town, wish them luck as they prepare for the Rodeo State Finals May 25th thru the 29th.

The White Pine Rodeo Team Thanks all of you for your support!