Submitted by Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

The White Pine County Sheriff’s Office receives quite a few inquiries about carrying a concealed weapon I thought I would share with the public the needed information to obtain a permit.

Nevada Revised Statute 202.3657 is the law governing CCW permits in the State of Nevada. The following excerpts are from that statute and cover the major points.

Any person who is a resident of this State may apply to the Sheriff of the County in which he or she resides for a permit.

Any person who is not a resident of this State may apply to the Sheriff of any County in this State for a permit.

A person applying for a permit may submit one application and obtain one permit to carry all handguns owned by the person. A permit is valid for any handgun which is owned or thereafter obtained by the person to whom the permit is issued.

The Sheriff shall issue a permit to any person who is qualified to possess a handgun under state and federal law and who submits an application, is 21 years of age or older and is not prohibited from possessing a firearm. The applicant must demonstrate competence with handguns by presenting a certificate or other documentation to the Sheriff which shows that the applicant successfully completed a course in firearm safety approved by a Sheriff of this State. Such a course must include instruction in the use of handguns and in the laws of this State relating to the use of a firearm. A Sheriff may not approve a course in firearm safety unless the Sheriff determines that the course meets any standards that are established by the Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association.

The Sheriff shall deny an application or revoke a permit if the Sheriff determines that the applicant or permittee has any of the following:

An outstanding warrant for his or her arrest.

—Been judicially declared incompetent or insane.

—Been voluntarily or involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility during the immediately preceding 5 years.

—Habitually used intoxicating liquor or a controlled substance to the extent that his or her normal faculties are impaired.

—Been convicted of a crime involving the use or threatened use of force or violence punishable as a misdemeanor under the laws of this or any other state during the immediately preceding 3 years.

—Been convicted of a felony in this State or under the laws of any state.

—Been convicted of a crime involving domestic violence or stalking, or is currently subject to a restraining order, injunction or other order for protection against domestic violence.

—Is currently on parole or probation from a conviction obtained in this State or in any other state or territory or possession of the United States.

—Has, within the immediately preceding 5 years, been subject to any requirements imposed by a court of this State or of any other state or territory or possession of the United States, as a condition to the court’s withholding of the entry of judgment for a conviction of a felony or suspension of sentence for the conviction of a felony.

—Has made a false statement on any application for a permit or for the renewal of a permit.

If the Sheriff receives a sworn affidavit stating articulable facts based upon personal knowledge from any natural person who is 18 years of age or older that the applicant or permittee has or may have committed an offense or engaged in any other activity which would preclude the issuance of a permit to the applicant or require the revocation of a permit. An application submitted must be completed and signed under oath by the applicant. The applicant’s signature must be witnessed by an employee of the sheriff or notarized by a notary public.

In closing, the steps to receive a concealed weapons permit from the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office are:

1. Successfully complete an approved course which for an initial applicant is eight hours long and includes a live range. A renewal course is four hours long with a live range.

2. Schedule an appointment with the CCW division of the Sheriff’s Office. The appointment will take thirty to forty-five minutes in which your application will be reviewed for completeness, your photograph will be taken and your fingerprints will be taken. There is a fee for initial applicants which is currently ninety-six dollars and twenty-five cents ($96.25). The fee for renewal permits is currently sixty-one dollars and twenty-five cents ($61.25). The fee can be paid in cashier’s check, money order or cash. If you choose to pay with cash, please bring the exact amount as we do not have change and cannot accept an over payment.

3. Within one hundred and twenty days you will be notified if your application is approved or denied.

4. When you are notified that your application is approved, arrangements will be made to receive your permit at the Sheriff’s Office which takes approximately five minutes.

5. The permit is good for five years. If you change your name or address you are required to notify the Sheriff’s Office within 30 days. An updated permit will be issued after minimal paperwork is completed and a fifteen dollar fee is paid.