To the Editor:

As a final note to your response to my letter, Madam Mayor, you have asked for constructive ideas. Here are just a few I would like to offer:

1. Keep a copy of your oath with you, look at it often, and live up to what you have signed on to do.

2. Attend the mandatory Open Meeting Class ordered by the Attorney General.  Learn your lesson well and practice what you learn. If you don’t put into practice what you should learn, we will know that you are unteachable or you really truly have no regard for the laws you were elected to uphold.

3. Hire a city attorney who has the best interest of the city in his/her heart and is not afraid to rock the boat because of possibly losing his job for doing so.

4. Hire a city administrator who understands the difference between budget line items and can “un co-mingle” funds and can give a true accounting of the budget.

5. Ensure that City Hall employees are educated about what is going on.   During your City primary, I received calls regarding early voting and absentee ballots.  They had called City Hall, but your staff could not answer even the basic questions regarding your election.

6. Find Jesus and start praying.

To the new City Council.  I hope you will remember what you promised to do and WILL do it.  If you don’t like a law, work to have it changed legally.  Listens to all sides of issues, and follow your own heart when you consider matters that affect so many people.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, Madam Mayor, but will never fool all of the people all of the time. These are my opinions and I thank you for your time.

Lin Burleigh

To the Editor:

Recently, Senators Bernie Sanders and John McCain introduced separate legislation in the Senate encouraging importation of drugs from across the border. The importation of drugs is largely seen as the quickest and cheapest way for counterfeit drugs to enter the United States. Currently, the Federal Drug Administration has control on the medicines crossing our borders. This is the status quo that has kept every American safe and should not be changed.

Nevadans have paid a price due to the importation of drugs. We have seen loved ones and neighbors alike, die from consuming adulterated and dangerous counterfeits. We have seen other individuals take drugs with no benefits and progress as intended because it’s either placebos or sugar pills with the smallest, ineffective doses. Now, we are hearing more about extremely dangerous opioids coming into our country, importation will only make this worse.

Nevadans and every American deserve to know where their drugs come from. Though the largest country supplying imported drugs may be Canada, the U.S. cannot ensure where those drugs originated from, just as Canada cannot ensure safety and quality. Senators Sanders and McCain clearly do not have in mind what’s truly best for the citizens of this country.

Zach Dean

1072 Harpy Eagle Ave

Henderson NV 89015