By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

Nevada Department of Transportation held an information meeting to present their plans regarding the Nevada Department of Transportation’s (NDOT) Ely Roadway Rehabilitation project last Thursday.

About 80 people from the community were in attendance. Several displays describing the project were placed around the room for the public to view and several NDOT staff members were on hand to answer questions. The project includes plans for roadway reconstruction, lane reconfiguration, drainage and utilities improvements, traffic signal improvements, lighting and aesthetics features, and pedestrian safety enhancements.

The projected date for construction to begin is the Summer of 2018 and the expected date for completion is late 2019.

The sidewalk on west Aultman from 1st street to 11th street will be called the Arts & Cultural District and will have a story line. Pictures of the cultures that made White Pine County will be displayed on the sidewalk. Landscape including several trees on each block, and aesthetics such as metal signage and copper lamp posts will also be along the walkway creating a journey through time in the downtown. The road itself will also have a very noticeable change, and that is the road becoming a two lane road, with a turning lane in the middle and bike lanes. The traffic light at and Aultman and 5th street by the Hotel Nevada will be removed and a flashing beacon pedestrian crossing will be installed.

Geat Basin Boulevard will also have a pedestrian crossing at Great Basin Boulevard and Campton street by the Ramada/Copper Queen Hotel and restaurant.

While several people and business owners seem to be excited about the change, there were several locals who we’re not happy about the change, saying that there was going to be alot of congestion on Aultman, and they don’t see the point of the money being spent on all the beautification and streets being narrowed when there are city streets that need major repairs. Aultman and Great Basin Boulevard are state roads and that is why NDOT is making these changes. County Commissioner and downtown business owner, Steve Stork said “I hear a lot of people have concerns about the lane configuration, but I think it will be okay. I’m really glad to see that they are adding the aesthetics to the area”.

If you have a comment you would like to make, NDOT you can email your comments to They must be received by 5 p.m., Friday, June 16, 2017.