To the Editor:

Open Meeting Law Violations, The Ely Times, Threats of Grand Jury Investigations, Anonymous Letters, Fail Recall, White Pine Clutter, Facebook, White Pine Talking, Letters to the Editor, and my favorite of course, the juicy gossip…..

Through all of this, Bruce Setterstrom has  managed to power through and become a full time and then some, Councilman for the City.

Here are just a few of the accomplishments that he achieved during his term……

•We used his expertise in Union issues and negoations.

•Responsible for the launch of the City’s Beautification Project, benches and construction of planters, doing prototypes of planters to make this project cost effective.

•The Recycling Center, Laying sprinkler system at Animal Control, responsible for the Terrace Ice Skating Rink  and the snow slide at Broadbent Park, Jack Caylor Park, Banners that adorn Aultman Street, Tree Farm, Flag Pole on the mountain, Installing sprinkler system and landscaping at the Railroad, Spraying weeds, him and his wife Pat, working the Tour and Rec Booths at Mesa, AZ, Reno, and Quartize for 10 days in January, saved the budgeted money and remodeled the cemetery office and laid more sprinklers at the lower end of cemetary, hundreds of dollars of out of pocket money for various projects, supplies and donations and countless weeks of work, remodeling old City Hall which we will relocate sometime next week.

You brought enthusiasm, motivation, vision and lots of laughs along the way and by your side to help and support us was your wife and my special friend, Pat.

The job of being a public servant is interesting to say the least, I would personally like to thank you for your friendship and commitment to the City of Ely.

Last but not least, I would also like to thank Councilwoman Robison for her endless work on Animal Control. Pat works tirelessly on improving the living conditions of the animals at the pound, finding homes and donations for needed supplies and equipment.

The homeless pets had a champion in their corner making their lives a little easier.  She also spent lots of out of pocket money on projects and supplies.  She will continue to be an advocate for the homeless pets.  Councilwoman Robinson also participated on the City’s  Stragetic Tourism Committee and made many trips to Elko for the NNRDA (economic development) meetings, giving the City a voice.

Again, thank you for you commitment to the City.

Thank you,

Mayor Van Camp