By Mary Sorenson

When I started putting together my book called Memories of the Ruth Mining Area, I was saddened by the number of men who have lost their lives in mining in our area. I decided it was time to remember these men who have been forgotten.  At first I included just the Robinson Mining Area but then included McGill which was a company town. I than added the names of all the fallen miners that I could find in other areas in our county.  Although I know I’m missing a lot of brave men because of lack of records I’m still trying to add to the list.

The Ruth Town Council has agreed to let me put the memorial in the small park in Ruth next to our old grader and Lincoln Highway Marker.

I’m presently working on getting enough money to do the memorial in a very special way for the fallen. It definitely will not be cheap but I want to make it a special reminder for the fallen not only for their memory but for their families.  I have had donations and will be doing fund raisers to make the money for the Fallen Miners Memorial.