By Lisa Keppner

Khloe Keppner and Maggie Wines will be heading out to Winnemucca July 3rd to compete in the Silver State Internationals. This event will run from July 3-8th.

Over Memorial Day weekend Khloe and Maggie competed at the Nevada State Rodeo and had the following scores:

Khloe took 7th overall in Poles, 7th first go, 4th in the short go. In Barrells she took 13th overall, and 10th in the short go.

Maggie Wines took 14th in Barrels overall, 24.734 first go, 19.610 2nd go, 19.234 short go 14th in break away, 5.690 in first go, no time 2nd go, no time short go 13th overall in goat tying, 22.450 first go, 13.920 2nd go and 13.940 in the short go, 5th overall in Poles with 22.112 first go, 22.893 in 2nd go and 22.913 in short go.