If you have ever considered a career in medicine or biomedical research, Great Basin College has your undergraduate degree covered and is here to help you prepare for the next steps.

Great Basin College, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health Nevada INBRE (IDeA Network of Biomedical Research), will host a free BioMed Workshop August 21-24 for those interested in studying biology, biomedical research or medicine.

The majority of the workshop will take place in Elko at the GBC campus, where students will learn more about GBC’s relatively new Biological Sciences bachelor’s degree program. Housing will be available for students attending from out of town. Participants will also take a fieldtrip to one professional school at a Nevada University. All travel and lodging expenses will be paid for by INBRE.

This particular workshop will focus on how to prepare for professional school, which for some include careers medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy and other professional fields.

Participants can expect to spend about 8 hours on-campus per day during the workshop. Margo Teague is the Great Basin College Site Coordinator of the NIH/INBRE Biomedical Research Program.  Teague explained that the goal of the workshop is to both prepare students for the Biological Sciences program at GBC and dedramatize going off to medical or professional school.

“The goals of the workshop are to prepare students to succeed in their undergraduate courses at GBC and to establish connections with other GBC students. Students take part in discussions concerning admission processes, college success strategies, and are able to hear from guest speakers and current GBC students pursuing careers in medicine.” During the fieldtrip portion of the workshop, students will travel to a Nevada professional school for a university-led tour. Students will meet with advisors, visit research labs, and tour the campus.

“This past semester, two GBC students were accepted into professional schools. One student will be attending pharmacy school, and another will be attending chiropractic school this fall. It’s incredible that one degree can give so many students a pathway into many professional careers.”

The BioMed Workshop is available to any student over the age of 18 and enrolled at GBC for Fall Semester 2017 who is interested in GBC’s biology programs. The applicants chosen for this summer workshop will be a mix of students who are completely new to college and those who can offer their wisdom of a year or more of experience studying in the sciences. Interested students must plan to attend the entire workshop.

If you are interested in completing the application or requesting more information, contact Margo Teague by emailing margo.teague@gbcnv.edu or calling Teague at 775-397-0785.  Applications are due by July 10.