A Station Master Dedication was held in honor of Dean Stubbs this past Sunday.  When the Nevada Northern Railroad closed in 1983, the Cherry Creek Depot closed its ticket book for the last time. The right-of-way had been purchased by Los Angeles Water & Power and donated the depot to the White Pine Public Museum with the stipulation that the structure be moved or it would be demolished. Moving costs were estimated to be at least $9000.

To instill community pride and to preserve a part of history, Mt. View Elementary School Principal Dean Stubbs tasked the school children with raising the funds needed to move the depot to Ely. The children spent months selling various items and gathering donations totaling over $11,000. Ken Pfeiffer with Western States Movers was contracted to transport the building. The new foundation was prepared. Local utility companies were contacted and the move was scheduled for early December. The historic depot was placed onto a specially designed trailer and prepared for transporting. But, on the morning of the move, permitting was denied for 55 mile trip. Once again, Principal Stubbs stepped in and took charge. He contacted Governor Bob Miller, explaining the efforts of the local children to have the depot moved to its new home. With the Governors assistance, transporting of the Cherry Creek Depot got underway. NHP escorted the 85-year old building as utility companies raised their service lines. Residents lined the street as the depot made its way through town. On December 8th, the building was set on its current foundation.

Although many organizations and individuals were involved in this effort, the Cherry Creek Depot relocation would not have happened if it were not for the leadership of Principal Dean Stubbs. He was well known and respected for his community involvement in obtaining the local 911 system, the jaws of life and many other projects. Mr. Stubbs was committed to the success of our children, schools and community.