Shari Gilson photo
Sen. Dean Heller and his wife, Lynne, rode in the Ely Fourth of July parade.

White Pine County residents celebrated the 4th of July holiday with a spectacular parade that filled Aultman street with floats, vintage automobiles and trucks, horse teams, politicians and kids, while hundreds of devotees lined the highway, cheering their friends, family and neighbors along the route.

Applause could be heard over the patriotic music playing as several trailers full of veterans who served as Grand Marshalls were pulled down the street, followed up by a massive fleet of military vehicles led by Warden Tim Folson and staff from the Nevada Department of Corrections.

All of the staff volunteered their time to drive the vehicles to show their honor for this years parade theme “Our Veterans, We Shall Never Forget.”

Children lined the streets scrambling for candy and other treats that were being thrown from the parade procession. Many of the floats featured different displays of patriotism such as the Robinson Mine’s float which featured a red white and blue float with several pictures of Veterans featured throughout the float.

Other participants included White Pine High School class of 1947, the Ghost Riders who led late Carol Hunt’s horse with a hat in the saddle. The Ely City Councili along with the Mayor rode on a float while throwing treats out to children.

Sen. Dean Heller, along with his wife Lynne, rode their horses in the parade as well. After the parade, a special dedication was held at the Veterans park on Aultman.

The American Legion marched from beginning to end, carrying the American flags, the POW-MIS flag and the American Legion flag.

The following are results from the parade:

Commercial Float-

1st Place-Robinson Nevada Mine

Non-Commercial Float-

1st Place- Christi Hurlburt & Bobby Jo Bostic-Eagle Float

2nd Place-Shoshone Nation Float

Antique Car

1st Place-Rob Thomas-1929 Ford Phaeton

Classic Car

1st Place-Trudy Quong-1929 Ford Roadster in restoration

Custom Car

1st Place-Denny Marsh-1970 Chevy Pickup

Car Club or Group

1st Place-Music Box Bar Cars

Children’s Group

1st Place-Nakashima Grandchildren

2nd Place-The VFW Kids

Gas Powered

1st Place-Raymond Morley-Motor Scooter with Wagon

2nd Place-Scott Fritsche-local motorcycle riders

3rd Place-Brian Peart & Pat Jackson-Outpost Bar

Noon-Gas Powered

1st Place-Lexton Wise-Childs pickup

2nd Place-Carney Children-small cars

3rd Place-BMX-Bicycle riders

Horse Group

1st Place-Carol Hunt Celebration of Life Riders

Girl Rider

1st Place Lainey Barney

Boy Rider-none

Female Rider Adult-none

Male Rider Adult-none