July 1947 – Young Earl Walch a native of White Pine County succumbed to injuries when he fell riding a Brahma bull during the Ely Stampede rodeo. Walch had initially escaped unscathed when a plane which he was piloting crashed into a power line near McGill. The plane was demolished, but bad luck followed him and he was thrown from a bucking bronce. His deatch resulted from chest and intenral injuries.

July 1967 – Strike talks continue as 1,400 employees of Kennecott Copper Corporation in Eastern Nevada will be affected if unions go on strike at midnight. A strike would mean a complete work stoppage of the copper operation. The 300 non-union employees would remain at work. The towns of Ely, McGill, Ruth and East Ely are largely dependent on the annual 13 million dollar payroll from Kennecott.

July 1987—The White Pine County Commission approved a one time only five percent tax hike for White Pine County taxpayers. The tax hike was expected to generate an additional $70,575 in county revenue for the fiscal year 1987-1988 and keep county emplooyees on the payroll.