To The Editor:

As president of the Great Basin Service Club, I would like to thank The Ely Times for the great coverage of our July 4th events.  The parade and fireworks were both covered well with many excellent photos.

The Great Basin Service Club would like to invite anyone interested in helping to put on these events and the other worthwhile projects we do to join our organization.

At the present time we have eight members and I am amazed at what we are able to accomplish.  New members are always welcome.

Now that the 4th of July is over we will be gearing up for Christmas.  We are responsible for all the decorations you see on the streets of Ely.  Those decorations need to be refurbished periodically, so there is always something for our little group to do.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, July 25th at 5:30 p.m. It will be held at the All Aboard Café.

If you have questions about the Service Club you can call me at 289-5686.  Once again, thanks to the staff at The Ely Times for covering our activities.

Linda Derbidge

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all of the students who completed the Community EMT class, hosted by the Ely Volunteer Fire Department. They all worked very hard and will be an asset to all of White Pine County.

I would especially like to thank the entire Ely Volunteer Fire Department, William B. Ririe Hospital, Economy Drug, and the White Pine County Fire District.

Special thanks to Bill Botelho, Mike Tilby, Steve Doty, Misty Mangum McArdle, Pete Mangum, Pat Stork, Dave Steiner, Mike Peterson, Ross Rivera, Marian O’Donnell, Tayah Mangum, Jim Alworth, Matt Walker, Jason Bath, Maggie Whitehead, Tracie Gust, and the entire Emergency Department Staff at William B. Ririe Hospital.

I would also like to recognize the three people that taught my EMT classes: Steve Doty, Tony Gilbert, and Patrick Simon. Teaching this class took hundreds of volunteer hours and it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of so many community volunteers.

So if you see them around the community, thank them for their service to OUR Community.


Burton Hilton


In last week’s paper you had a front page article on a letter dated July 6, 2017 that City Treasurer Janette Trask wrote that was addressed to the Mayor, City Council Members and City Administrator Bob Switzer on Finance Concerns for the General Fund. Hopefully this is an eye opener for the residents of the City of Ely. I have been trying to warn the Mayor and Council Members this was going to happen, but nobody would listen. You can’t keep spending money you don’t have and stay solvent.

City Administrator Switzer has been very vague on the actual cost of items in the budget and you couldn’t get the total cost of an item that money was being spent on, only what he wanted you to hear.

In last week’s City Council Meeting the blame for this mess was passed to everyone except on Bob. It is the responsibility of the CITY ADMINISTRATOR as well as the MAYOR and CITY COUNCIL to watch over the finances of the City and to keep spending under control to keep the City solvent, but it is hard for the Mayor and Council Members to do so with all of the screw ups with monies being padded in the General Fund instead of the funds the money was supposed to be placed in.

In 2013 the City’s end fund balance was $827,730.70.  Since Mr. Switzer took over in 2014 with all of the wrong monies being placed into the General Fund to cover up the excessive spending and all that monies having to be pulled out of the General Fund and put back into the correct funds it is only leaving an end fund balance for fiscal year ending 2017 to be less than $125,000.00. That will be a reduction in the end fund balance of over $702,730.00 in 4 years.

It is time that the residents of the city demand that Mr. Switzer be replaced as City Administrator as it is clear that he doesn’t know what he is doing. We can’t afford to keep him any longer.

If you agree please call the Mayor and City Council Members and express your concerns. Make the next City Council meeting in force to express your concerns, so Mr. Switzer will be replaced.

Rick Stork

To the Editor:

As I watched the face lift being given to Bianchi Park a few years ago, I thought what a great place to have my Retirement Party. So, on Friday, July 14, 2017 a party was held.

I want to give a big thank you to Mike Cracraft and his park crew for all the help they gave me for making my party a success. From having the grass mowed to bringing extra picnic tables and trash cans and putting them where I asked.  So again, thank you Mike and crew.

The canopy in the park was great cover for all the food and drinks. The lawn had welcomed shade around 5:00p.m., a basketball court, and kids playground which was used by many little ones.  All in all, the park worked great and I would recommend using it.

Thanks to all who came, who brought food and a special thank you to Curt & Dee Rigney and Doug and Dorothy Robinson who prepared a wonderful brisket and pork loin.

Thank you,

Judy Westphal

To The Editor:

Just recently, six Canadian men were arrested for the distribution of counterfeit drugs and will be extradited to the United States for prosecution.

They were selling drugs labeled as medicine for cancer but in reality had no active ingredients, and instead contained cornstarch and acetone. This example illustrates a growing problem in our prescription drug market. Many physicians within the United States have unknowingly purchased drugs that were counterfeit.

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has proposed legislation that would allow Americans to purchase drugs from other countries outside of the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) air-tight safety and testing procedures.

I have heard and seen the untimely deaths and hospitalizations of too many Nevadans due to imported drugs being counterfeit and altered.

There is a reason why we rely on the FDA to ensure patient’s safety, but we cannot ensure the quality of imported drugs from Canada or any other country. Senator Heller must vote against Senator Sanders’ proposed legislation. The health and security of all Nevadans are at stake.

Shawna Bowen

Reno, Nevada