The Ely Times

The Sheriff’s and Chief’s Association held its annual meeting this week at the Prospector Hotel. This year makes it their 25th year of hosting the event here in Ely,. Every Sheriff, Chief, Under sheriff and their command staff in the State of Nevada are invited to attend this two day event.

This year they covered topics such as AB 97. This Assembly Bill, which requires law enforcement agencies to turn over sexual assault forensic kits for testing within 30 days and requires the lab to test the kits within 120 days upon receiving them.

AB97 appropriated $3 million to the Nevada Attorney General to enter into inter-local agreements to help pay for the costs associated with testing. This law is aimed at ensuring a backlog of the kits does not develop in Nevada again.

The designated Forensic Laboratories, Las Vegas Metro Police Department and Washoe County Sheriff’s office will use the allotted funds to hire additional DNA staff, purchase additional chemicals and supplies for the DNA testing, outsource the Sexual Assault Kits and remodel to accommodate the additional staff.

During this meeting they also covered other bills that cover anything to do with law enforcement officers that have recently passed during this past legislative session.

White Pine County Sheriff Dan Watts said, “it’s great for Ely, these LEO’s (Law enforcement officers) bring their families with them on this trip, they stay an extra few days and check out the sites here.”

An evening barbecue is held each year, and this year it was held at Murry Summit. A POST Commission meeting is held the following day, where the commission oversees the upcoming training for law enforcement and it’s also a time when some certificates of officers are revoked, and some officers are given their Advanced Certificates.

Robert Roshak, executive director of the Sheriff’s and Chief’s Association said “I can’t say enough good things about Ely, everyone here is welcoming, we enjoy it, it’s always been very comfortable, the location is great, everyone is made to feel at home.”