A group of cyclists passed through Ely this past Monday on a cross-country bike ride from from New York to San Francisco.

This ride has a purpose. There are 20 riders, and 19 of them live with type 1 diabetes. The rider will have ridden for approximately 10 weeks and will have crossed 4,248 miles. “The program was built and desgined to test personal limits and challenge bicyclists not only as athletes, but also as people living with the chronic conditions that is Type 1” stated in a press release from Beyond Type 1 the organization responsible for the ride.

The riders come from all over the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  Their stops in Nevada include, Baker, Ely, Eureka, Austin, and Sparks. Their ride will be complete once they arrive in San Francisco. For more information go to bikebeyond.org