Courtesy photo/SARAH BALARES
Teepees were lit up at night with green to show support for our troops and those who have proudly served.

Courtesy photo/Wesley Allison
Bennie Reilley, Ely Shoshone Tribe, supporting the Marine Corps along with Laura Rainey and Joan Coca.

Fandangos were a place to camp out and met with those people they had not seen for some time. They visited, laughed at jokes, stories, and each other. They recounted adventures and life passages. Young people met and courted. Older people renew friendships. Relatives caught up on news about the families.

Prayers were made for good rain, blessings were offered for the sick and the sad and helpless. Special blessings were asked for the earth, all the earth animals and continued happiness for the time we were to remain here on earth.

This year’s Fandango celebrated with dancers, drummers and a Veteran’s recognition.