Bob and Goldie Jensen cried tears of joy when their oldest child and daughter, Shery, was born on July 28, 1953, in Ely, Nevada.

She passed away August 3, 2017 at her home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shery, or Tooie as she was named by her cousins in Ely, was a blue eyed, toe headed little girl, who spent her early years riding horses, catching feral cats, and using her chemistry set to perform scientific experiments on her cousins.

Shery loved the great outdoors and accompanied her father on many adventures in the mountains in Northern Nevada. Some of Shery’s fondest memories were made at Lehman Caves, Cherry Creek or on pine nut hunts in the Ruby mountains.

Shery loved adventure and her fears were few.

One day, Shery and her younger brother Wade, brought home a rattlesnake on the end of a stick, which almost gave their mother a heart attack.

Shery’s family moved to Pasco, Washington when she was fifteen.  Sherry easily transitioned from a rural Nevada cowgirl to a charismatic young woman, who was so beautiful, she made Barbie dolls look ugly.

Shery’s love for chemistry, biology and science continued to grow so she pursued a career as a registered nurse, with most of her tenure spent in open heart surgery.

After many years a registered nurse, Shery switched from nursing to medical sales. Shery’s career took her from Pasco, WA to Salt Lake City, UT, Billings MT, Seattle, WA.  Los Angeles, CA and back to Billings, MT.   Upon retiring from the medical field, Shery assisted her husband in operating their casino, The Play Inn, in Billings, MT.

Shery’s career was very important to her but her daughter, Allison, and her husband Mike were always her top priorities.

Shery met her husband, Mike, on a Jeeping adventure in Southern Utah.  Their first date was a sky diving trip, and Mike broke his leg.

Several Jeeps, one leg and a few months later, Shery and Mike were married. Shery and Mike shared a wanderlust and in their forty-two years of marriage, they traveled the world.  Their travels took them all over the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Morocco, India, Australia, and Central America.

Upon visiting Panama, Shery and Mike fell in love with it, so upon selling their casino, they made their home in Boquete, Panama.

Shery and Mike also made a home in Phoenix, AZ where they spent a good share of their time over the past couple of years. Shery enjoyed every minute of her retirement and, when she wasn’t on a travel caravan with her friends, or out sight-seeing with Mike, Shery spent her time trying to fatten Mike up with her delicious, gourmet cooking.

Shery’s daughter, Allison, was the apple of her eye and she loved Allison to the moon and back.

Allison had some competition, though, with Shery’s little black pug, Lucy. Lucy traveled with Shery and Mike on many of their adventures.

Shery was a very positive, optimistic person who didn’t believe in problems, only solutions.

Shery has been and, will always be, an inspiration to her family.  She loved gummy bears, black licorice and a glass of good wine.

If Shery was a color, she would be “glitter.” Living without “glitter” is going to be hard for her family and friends, but we will make sure the legend of Tooie lives on.

A Memorial will be held at a later date.