By Keith Gibson

The stillness of the early spring morning was shattered by the clanging of the worst invention of mankind, the alarm clock.

I dreaded another day of forced attendance at the local school, then luckily remembered that the torture was over for the summer.  Freedom at last,  This euphoric feeling was cut short by also remembering today was the day to clean the basement with Dad.

One of the first items Dad threw out was a small set of wooden golf clubs.  My brother Paul and I asked about them.  They would be great to have now.  Dad told us about playing at the local golf course in the old days.

Seeing our look of total bewilderment, he took us out to see the course.  It is located just south of A row in townsite, above and around the existing horse corrals.

He showed us some of the “greens”.  They were just small circles of cleared ground hidden in the acres of sagebrush.  Must have been quite a challenge to hit a “green” that was totally hidden by the brush.  There are probably still lost golf balls out there. Recently while researching a book about McGill I found reference to a golf tournament in July of 1934.  It was between Ruth and McGill.

Ruth had a similar dirt course.  The McGill team was composed of Harry Kikpatrick and Jerry McCarthy. William Spane and Guye Clark made up the Ruth team.  McCarthy scored the only eagle that day, but it wasn’t enough, and Ruth won the game.

I also talked with Tom Dotson, a former McGillite who remembered the course.  He told me that there was a small white and green club house and that Corky Keoth and Don (?) Matleone (sp) were the caddies.  I hope to find the exact location of the club house.  If anyone knows the spot or anything else about the course, please contact me at P.O. Box 1315, McGill, Nv,  89318.

After my Dad passed, I found a small box in his trunk that held a chrome steel contraption that was used to put one’s initials on a golf ball. Sometimes a lot of local history is uncovered in the simple act of cleaning out a basement or garage.