By Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

This week’s Captains Corner I am asking the public to help solve a theft that has occurred in our area. In 2014 Chris Call a local resident passed away. The family has been working since his death to settle his estate.

Over the past several months and maybe even years someone has stolen several items from Mr. Call’s property. Mr. Call lived on 21st West in Cross Timbers. The property that has been stolen is as follows: A Kubota tractor, orange in color. The tractor has a post hole digger attachment which is red in color and also has a front bucket attached. Two utility trailers, single axel, one black and one gray in color.  A horse trailer which was black with a white stripe. A green army trailer with 368th combat medics stenciled on it and a red cross. An aluminum Mirror Craft boat with a green trailer which has a hull number NV2349.  A Bass Tracker Boat Pro 16 ft. with a hull number of NV1882KY. The boat has a red and black stripe on both sides. A green SPL boat and trailer with the hull number being NV6004KZ. A yellow Scout truck with a tow hitch attached to the front end. A Prowler camp trailer, duel axel with an orange stripe down the middle of the trailer, and a white Out Back box trailer.

Anyone with any information on the theft of these items is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 775-289-8808.