Renewal and/or Talent Weekends                   

By Keith Gibson

The 4th of July weekend is what I call a renewal weekend,for the simple fact that a great number of former White Piners are in attendance.  It is a time to renew old school friendships.

Sometimes the old friends have been gone for  many years.  Seems like folks graduate from WPHS and then scatter all over the world.  The old adage, “venture out into the cruel world to seek fame and fortune” applies here.

These people all seem to achieve great things, and I think the number one reason is that they were raised here in the midst of so many talented people.  Thankfully a great many others stay here or later on come back with new ideas.  It is this great mixture of talent and ideas that form the core of White Pine.  The urban areas do not have such a core that is readily available to everyone on such an individual basis.

Another type of weekend is the talent one.  An example is the weekend of the Arts in the Park, where the local crafters show their handiwork.

Also, the Sagebrush Quilters display their hand crafted quilts.  Another talent weekend is the WP car show that features restored vintage vehicles.

These endeavors take a lot of time along with a love and talent for what they accomplish.

Now we come to the combined renewal and talent weekend of the horse races, art/craft displays, livestock auction, garden stuff, homemaker goodies and the rancher’s rodeo.  So much expertise to see and learn from. It is a good chance to mingle and renew old friendships from around the county.  One has to be aware of the high quality of talent that is on display from some many  different fields of interest.  It is a renewal in the good old American spirit of individual freedom to excel at what we like to do, both in fun and lifetime work.  It is nice to know that there are so many talented folks in our county that do productive things instead of plopping in front of the TV or wearing their thumbs out texting endless drivel.

It is also a wonderful feeling to know that we have so many people that volunteer to organize and put these special weekends together.  They deserve a generous amount of praise.  White Pine, after all, is a really special place.

There always is that deep down feeling in one’s heart that White Pine is truly “home”.