By Captain Scott Henriod, WPCSO

Well it’s that time of year again summer has somehow slipped away and students are heading back to school. Which brings me to this week’s topic and that is making sure our students are safe as they come and go from school.

School zones are designated areas that have special laws that govern them. These laws are put in place to try and make a safe boundary for students. Speed zones are posted and strictly enforced. The zones are marked by flashing lights and are only activated during the times when students are present.

School bus stops are designated areas which allow students to enter or exit the school bus in a safe manner. Once the school bus has stopped and its lights are flashing it is against the law to pass the bus on either side of the street. Make sure before proceeding pass the bus that it lights are off and no students are entering or exiting the bus.

Stopping your vehicle or letting students off or picking them up from school in the roadway is also illegal and causes a traffic hazard for other motorist and students. Make sure that your vehicle is parked legally before your student exits or enter the vehicle.

Making a U Turn in a school zone is also illegal and creates a traffic hazard for all motorist. One other concern and law that we need to make sure we are following is to yield to pedestrians. Bring your vehicle to a complete stop at the designated stop mark on the roadway and always allow the pedestrian to completely cross the street before continuing on your way.

Let’s make this school year a safe one for all students and motorists.