By Adam Young

Superintendent, WPCSD

The composite scores of the last three WPHS valedictorians were 32, 34, and 33 and that these scores are comparable and most cases surpass the scores of valedictorians at “college prep” factories where parents pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition?

The WPHS graduation rate is 90%+, among the highest in the state even including magnet schools in Las Vegas?

WPHS earned the designation “Nevada STEM school” from the governor’s office in 2017 and is now looked at as a model for incorporating STEM practices into every class?

WPHS is offering AP, honors, and new CTE courses this year, including Sports Medicine?

Students at WPHS have access to more Computer Science and Web Design and Development classes than they ever have before in the history of the school?

Students in the WPHS Players recently tackled one of the most profound and entertaining musicals ever in “The Man of La Mancha”?Students in the WPHS Singers earned Superior ratings in their last appearance at the Clark County Advanced Choral Festival?

SVHS graduated 13 students in 2017?

WPMS students access a personalized learning model where students are met where they are at on the learning continuum and able to proceed at their own pace of learning.  Students that are able can move forward in the curriculum while students that take more time to learn a concept are no longer left behind?

WPMS students have 24-hour, 7-days of the week access to a Chromebook.  Through this 1-to-1 device initiative, students can engage in digital learning at school and at home?

WPMS 8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in career and technical education courses offered at the high school level?

WPMS students can access career and technical education opportunities in robotics, coding, and 3D printing?

WPMS teaching staff is participating throughout the year in learning institutes designed to improve literacy and STEM education?

Students at David E. Norman participate in a Math, Writing, and Reading Gifted and Talented program, ensuring that college and career readiness principles are established early on?

Students at McGill, David E. Norman, and White Pine Middle School participate in choir and singing classes?

David E. Norman has its own preschool?

The Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows is offering before school, after school, and Friday support and enrichment for students grades k-8?

Friday learning opportunities are available for students at every school in the district?

Students in Lund plant, cultivate, harvest, and sell their own produce?

Lund community partners are providing instruction for four new electives for secondary students?

Teachers and support staff engage in weekly professional learning and study to build their instructional and leadership capacity?

Principals, teachers, and instructional support staff worked three days at the end of last school year and two weeks at the beginning of this school year to fine tune their approaches and improve alignment and coherence in the district’s instructional program?

The WPCSD’s vision is to “change the world by promoting, supporting, and ensuring high levels of learning for all students!”  We know that this is an ambitious goal, but have embraced it anyway.  To this end, groups of teachers and paraprofessionals have been involved in intense literacy and leadership training for the first three weeks of August.  Educators have been putting in tremendous time and care preparing for students to arrive next week.

Community members, parents, and business partners are welcome in White Pine’s schools. We are proud of the efforts being put forth by our students and employees. If you are interested in seeing first hand the learning experienced by students, please contact superintendent Adam Young at 289-4851 or