Courtesy photo/Ingrid Reid
This spot in Lund has been used as an illegal dump site for years. The BLM has plans to clean up the area as part of its Public Lands Cleanup Day.

At the White Pine County Commission held on Wednesday, Aug. 23, Commissioner Carol McKenzie put on the agenda to discuss the unlawful disposal of solid waste or sewage.

McKenzie said “the reason for this is, that at the south end used to be a garbage dump many years ago, and is now in horrendous condition.”

The BLM has plans to make this the clean up project for Public Lands Clean up day.

McKenzie mentioned she really wanted to look at ways of preventing this from from happening again.

”Maybe we could come up with some signage on the old landfill, and letting people know that there would be a fine if they dumped items there, I’m totally amazed on what it looks like, I cannot believe people do that.”

Further discussion was made on special language from the NRS to be placed on the signs. Efforts are currently being coordinated by the DAs office.

The commission recessed their regular meeting to open up the Fire Commission Meeting. There were three items on the agenda, two that were regarding Chief Tim Wooliver.

The commission closed the Special Fire Commission Meeting to hold a Closed Personnel Session for Wooliver to consider character, alleged misconduct, professional competence, and physical or mental health in relation to job performance.

After a 45 minute closed session, the public was allowed back into the meeting, and the commission reconvened the Special Fire Commission Meeting.

Agenda item number three was to discuss action and possible approval on a written plan of action to correct issues that came to light during the Closed Personnel Session  of Chief Wooliver.  Commissioner Gary Perea recommended and called for a motion to have the DA’s office, Kathy Ricci with Human Resources and Wooliver with the help of commissioner chairman write a statement to issue to the public in addition to writing a letter to Mr. Enos thanking him for his efforts to protect our natural resources. McKenzie made a second to the motion and all voted in favor.

Commissioner Steve Stork asked for a direct a memo to be put in Wooliver’s personnel file, stating this conversation took place and Wooliver will do his best to prevent these actions in the future.

District Attorney Michael Weable said “You’re asking for a verbal warning document to be placed in Wooliver’s file, correct?”

Stork confirmed his response with a motion for a verbal warning letter to be place in Wooliver’s file, for future reference, Seconded by Commissioner Shane Bybee, and all voted in favor of this item.

The last item to be covered in the Special fire commission meeting was discussion for action or possible approval to respond to correspondence from McGill Town Council received on Aug. 16 concerning Mutual Aid Agreements with the City of Ely for Fire Protection.

Chairman of the McGill Town Council wrote in the letter that they received three draft copies of the Interlocal Agreement and they did not know which one of them is the final draft. They also indicated in the letter that the council had just learned about this agreement.

In a portion of the letter it stated “Clearly McGill is the second community within the boundaries of White Pine County and yet nobody seems to think that there is a need to keep this community apprised of any proposed changes in regard to fire protection or emergency services.”

The letter also included that they, McGill Town Council and all 646 registered voters, were left out of the loop during negotiations and would like an explanation about the future of fire protection in their community.

Stork said, “I am the liaison for the McGill Town Council and I am a little bit bothered by this letter, when I first took over I told them I would not be able to attend every meeting, but I handed out business cards and told them to contact me if any questions came up. I have not heard anything from anyone until we received this letter.”

Stork went on to note that he called Delores Manchester prior to the meeting, and asked her if there was anything he needed to be aware of, they spoke about a couple of items, but breezed over this topic, and he had no idea this letter was coming. Stork said “the way it’s written is a little bit demeaning to the commission. We’re not hear to answer to the McGill Town Council, they have the ability just like anybody else to access this public information and attend these meetings. I make an effort to attend their meetings, but I never see any of them attend these meetings. I have an idea where this came from. I’ll respond to them as their liaison there but I don’t know that it’s appropriate that the commission responds.”

Commissioner Gary Perea noted that he didn’t disagree with Stork as far as notification but he did mention that he felt that the real issue with the letter is that there are some people within the county that thinks that things are being centralized to the City Ely and that the rest of the county is being left behind, and McGill isn’t the only rural area that feels that way. Perea asked for that to be addressed.

Chairman Richard Howe said, “I agree with Steve on this letter, it’s almost like a threatening letter to me I think it was written in anger, we don’t need to be intimated, we get this alot. I don’t like to be bullied or threatened.”

Wheable provided an update during the meeting that the agreement has been signed, and is in full force. “The mutual aid agreement is a very simple agreement just to have back up support, and I’m having a real hard time understanding more than identifying this as a political issue that on the merit of what their objection is to a mutual aid agreement.”

Bybee spoke last on the topic. He said, “We all know earlier this year we looked at a proposal to do something different for fire protection, the rumor mills got churning, alot of people put out a lot of misinformation and emotions got running high, this is still carrying over, and so now apparently anytime we are looking at doing anything with fire/ems we are doing something dirty and underhanded and behind the scenes, quite frankly everything we’ve discussed has been agenda’d, posted agendas, all of the item material available.”

Commissioner Perea made a motion to have the direct liaison communicate with the McGill Town Council, all voted in favor.