Pranksters at Work

By Keith Gibson

It was a few minutes before 9 a.m. that cold October day, when the grey K.C.C. security pickup pulled up alongside the smelter, electrical gang shop.  The driver, Louie “Perk” Perkins , got out and went into the shop.

He had been an electrician for many years before switching to the security team, but still liked to share the morning break with the old gang.

The topic around the table was the usual chatter about deer hunting and guns.  Speaking of guns, Joe Pescio noted the new police pistol in Perk’s holster.  He asked to see it and Perk obliged, knowing that Joe would be careful with it.  Joe stepped behind Perk while the gang kept Perk busy in conversation.

Then Joe set off a small firecracker.  The gang all jumped up at, pointed at  a supposed hole in the tin roof.  Perk didn’t even look as he was so shocked and horrified at the thought of being fired.  He left and stayed far away from that area the rest of the day.

That night he finally got the nerve to clean the gun and replace the expired shell.  To his surprise none of the shells had been fired.  He promised himself to get back at those pranksters.

A few days later he drove thru the employee’s parking lot and stopped at Joe’s truck.  He raised the hood and placed a gag car bomb on the engine.   This would be quite a payback, but Perk made one mistake.  He told several guys to be there to watch the fun.  One of them was Art Salvi, the plumbing foreman.

Now, Perk had forgotten the prank he played on Art several years before, when Art got the foreman’s job and was entitled to a company telephone and Perk at the time was the chief installer.  He put the phone in , but also hid a terribly loud bell in the attic.  This could be heard all over the neighborhood whenever the phone rang and drove Art crazy for weeks before it was found.  Art, of course quickly told Joe about the bomb.

At the end of day shift Perk and others were coyly standing around to watch the fun.  Joe innocently climbed in the truck and started the engine.  A loud bang was heard and smoke started pouring out from under the hood.  He jumped out, raised the hood.  Perk ran over laughing, that is until he saw Joe pointing at the water running on the ground and cussing up a storm about the damage to the radiator and the loss of the expensive Preston anti-freeze.

Perk was devastated by the prank going so wrong and for several paydays he gave Joe some money for a new radiator. Perk, of course didn’t know that when Joe found out about the joke, he had slipped down to the store and got some balloons.  He filled several with water and tied them to his fan blades.  Joe eventually gave the money back and they both agreed never to pull a prank on each other.

Now of course that didn’t mean they couldn’t join forces and prank someone else.