It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dallas Havey Larsen on August 10, 2017 at the age of 79.

Dallas was born on April 3, 1938. He was the third of four children born to Harvey (Bob) Christian Larsen and Elizabeth (Beth) O’Donnell Larsen.

Dallas was born and raised in Ely, Nevada. He joined the Navy at the age of 17 and proudly served his country. He was sure to thank his fellow Comrades in or out of uniform. Dallas was a “true gentleman”.

In 1962 Dallas went to work for the Western Pacific Railroad as a Signalman. Later he worked in signal maintenance. Dallas went to night school and obtained his GED and continued in night school and obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering. Upon receiving his degree, the signal engineer promoted Dallas to supervisor. He was later assigned to oversee all the supervisors under the Signal Engineer. Later the Union Pacific Railroad bought the Western Pacific Railroad and Dallas continued to work for them for many years. Later he resigned and moved to Jacksonville, Florida where he went to work for his old friend, Jim Meyers, as an Engineering Circuit Designer.

Many of his friends joined him in Florida in the same craft.Golfing and spending time with  his golf buddies was his favorite pastime. We wonder with all the laughing and joking that took place, if they played much golf.

Dallas was a caring husband, father and last, but no least, a super hero (G-Pop) to his great-grandson, Casey.

Dallas was preceded in death by his father, Bob, his mother, Beth, his sister Fancine and his best friend and wife, Jackie.

Dallas is survived by his sister, Betty “Gay” Lage (Bill), brother-in-law, Billy Littledyke, and his brother, Jesse Larsen (Earlene).

He is also survived by  his children, Pam, John and Lynette; his grandchildren, Jennifer, Amanda, Christopher, Morgan, Jessica and Cierra and his great-grandchildren, Cecelia, Lilli and Casey.

A Celebration of life was held in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Jacksonville, Florida on August 15, 2017.