By Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO

I always enjoy receiving a phone call from a person who starts off the conversation with how much they enjoy reading the Captains Corner. The second part of the conversation is always the part that I’m waiting for to see really why they called. In this case the caller had a concern about illegal dumping. The caller went on to tell me that at her place of employment someone has been using their waste receptacle “dumpster” for their own personal garbage. She stated that the last time it happened they must have put some really disgusting garbage in it because the smell was intolerable. She stated that she had to contact their trash removal service and have them come and make a special removal of the garbage. This was also an added expense to the business. The caller then asked me if the Sheriff’s Office could do something about this. I then advised her that there was a city ordinance that prohibited this type of garbage disposal. Under city code 4-2-2 Illegal waste disposal under section B. It states.

It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to dump, spill, throw, place or bury, or cause the same to be done, any regular accumulation of garbage, refuse, rubbish, trash or waste matter, in any publicly or privately maintained garbage, trash or waste receptacle, where such person, firm or corporation disposes of such garbage, refuse, rubbish, trash or waste matter in public or private waste receptacles not intended for the disposal of regular or incidental accumulations of garbage, refuse, rubbish, trash or waste matter.

I advised the caller that if the Sheriff’s Office can ascertain who the person is that is doing the illegal dumping they can be issued a citation for the offense. Remember the owner of the garbage is responsible for the garbage until it is properly disposed of and placing it in another person’s dumpster or garbage can  isn’t properly disposing of the garbage.