Special to the Ely Times 

Tuesday, September 19th, the Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt announced a new step in his ongoing investigation with a bipartisan coalition of 40 attorneys general to help address the opioid crisis in Nevada and around the country. Attorney General Laxalt and other participating states have begun demanding documents and information from manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids.

This information will enable the attorneys general to evaluate whether manufacturers and distributors were engaged in unlawful practices in the marketing, sale and distribution of opioids.

Investigative subpoenas were served for documents and information, also known as Civil Investigative Demands, on prescription opioid manufacturers Endo, Janssen, Teva/Cephalon, Allergan, and their related entities, as well as a supplemental Civil Investigative Demand on Purdue Pharma.

Additionally, the coalition has sent information demand letters to opioid distributors AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, and McKesson requesting documents about their opioid distribution businesses.“My office is continuing to combat this opioid crisis on several fronts,” said Laxalt. “By issuing subpoenas, my office has taken another significant step in the ongoing investigation into the business practices of opioid manufacturers and distributors.”Opioid abuse and misuse results in behavioral and biological health issues that affect individuals, families and communities, and costs the United States more than $740 billion in crime, lost work productivity and health care each year. Nationwide and in Nevada, opioids—prescription and illicit—are the main driver of drug overdose deaths. In 2016, Nevada was ranked as the sixth highest state for the number of milligrams of opioids distributed per adult according to a study by the Drug Enforcement Agency.