Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the person who returned my checkbook to the Shopko store. I was running errands on Tuesday, Sept. 19th and, while at the post office, discovered that I had lost my checkbook. When I returned to Shopko, they said they had not found it and nobody had turned it in. I came home and had already called my bank. A short while later, Shopko called me and told me that a young woman had found my checkbook in the parking lot and had taken it into the store. They put it in their safe for safe-keeping until I went in for it.

I want to publicly thank whoever the young woman is and also the people at Shopko. It is wonderful that there are still so many honest and helpful people in the world and I am deeply appreciative.

We’ve lived here since 1959 and I am very proud to call Ely home.


Vivian Joy

Dear Editor:

This saddens me to write this to you. The McGill Drug Store museum has been vandalized a second time and was discovered by Dan Braddock Saturday morning. Rocks the size of bowling balls have been thrown through the windows. There was also damage to some items in the interior.

Windows are something that are replaceable however damage to some items is irreplaceable. The cost of repairs and insurance increases are something that we are having to pull out of our budget when we have other repairs and projects that are more important.

All of us board members are volunteers and there is only one paid staff. We take time away from our families to help preserve items and information from our past. We ask that everyone be vigilant of your surroundings.

If you have any information on this criminal activity please contact the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office.

Thank you to Kirt Braun for boarding up the windows until the new windows get here.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering for the White Pine Public Museum in Ely or the McGill Drug Store museum please call the White Pine Public Museum at 775.289.4710 or stop by at 2000 Aultman Street.


Betsy Lopez

White Pine Public Museum 

Board Member/ Secretary