By Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO  

Well if you were in Ely a couple of weeks ago you got to see a winter storm in September.

I have always heard from many people if you don’t like the weather in Ely just wait ten minutes and it will change. The snow storm that came through the area blanket the mountains and left many home owners cleaning up the fallen branches from broken tree limbs.

So with that in mind I would like to share a few thoughts with you about being prepared for yes, winter driving. Not many want to hear the word winter, but its right at our door step. So here are a few suggestion as you prepare for winter travel.

The first things is to always check road conditions. Yes you can get an app for that if you have a smart phone or you can check the route you are driving by using the internet. Some GPS units in newer vehicles have it linked and give you updates as you travel. If those don’t work for you, you can still call road conditions at 1-877-NV-ROADS.

Second check the condition of your vehicle. Make sure your brakes are operating properly, hoses and belts are in good condition, battery is in good condition, and tires have good tread and check the air pressure. And don’t forget to check the spare tire. Make sure your windshield wipers are also working properly.

Third be prepared as you drive. Do not use cruise control when driving on snowy or wet roads, look and steer in the direction you want to travel, accelerate and decelerate slowly, keep your gas tank at least half full, avoid using your parking brake in cold conditions, and if you do need to signal someone use a bright colored cloth, tie it to your antenna of your vehicle or in a rolled up window. Also remember if you do get stuck only run your vehicle in intervals do not keep it running. Carbon monoxide can build up inside your car and can cause death.

And the last suggestions are things you should take with you. First is always have some water and a few snacks, jumper cables, tool kit, warm clothes or a good blanket, first aid kit, snow chains if possible, windshield scrapper, and a good flashlight.

And one more thing, always tell someone where you are going and check in with them as you travel. Let’s have an enjoyable winter and stay safe.