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Some of the Steptoe Valley Soccer Club players pose with Leslie Martin of Yonder Yoga, as she presents Regional Commissioner, Brigette Bath $550.

Leslie Martin of Yonder Yoga presented Brigette Bath, Steptoe Valley Soccer Club’s (AYSO #1617) Regional Commissioner, $550 for equipment, paint and other necessities.

The story and collaboration began this summer, when Bath organizing the first “Get a Kick out of Yoga” fundraiser.  Yonder Yoga of Ely, and Tru Yoga of Las Vegas provided 4 certified yoga instructors. A morning flow, followed by break-out sessions at Steptoe Park were given to participants in exchange for a donation to the youth soccer club.

That fundraiser earned the club $680.  Martin then offered to continue teaching Friday morning Yoga at The Park through the summer and all offerings would go to Steptoe Valley Soccer Club..  Friday mornings at times, had as many as 14 yoga participants and a few other teachers/substitutes.

Steptoe Valley Soccer Club has traditionally been a youth program that prides itself on keeping its cost down and including as many youth (ages 4-middle school) as possible.

The club runs on a very small budget and does not seek business sponsorship. This year, there are 260 players.  All coaches, referees and board members are volunteer.

A player’s fee is $55 and $50 for each child in the same family after.  $17.50 of that is collected by AYSO for membership and insurance.

Each player receives a full uniform, including socks.  That is usually $18.00 per player. This means, the club makes $14.50 to $19.50 on each player.

The soccer club must pay for field paint, field supplies/equipment, new game balls, pumps, medical bags, whistles, goalie gloves, goalie jerseys, storage shed fees, as well as other bigger expenses as they come up. The cold weather is harsh on the practice balls and they need to be replaced from time to time.

The club always provides a treat at the end of the season for all participants.  They must also pay for regional commissioner training every two years to maintain AYSO status.

There are so many other items the club would love to purchase.

This $1,230 of summer fundraising will assist with equipment and make sure training will continue for the next board and regional commissioner.

Yonder Yoga of Ely offers classes at the United Methodist Church.

Like their Facebook page for schedules and updates.Steptoe Valley Soccer Club will be playing until October 28, 2017, this season.