By Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO 

One of the great opportunities we have living in Nevada is to enjoy our public lands. Taking a drive, going for a hike, hunting or fishing, or riding your ATV brings a lot of enjoyment to individuals who love the outdoor activities.

Well can you imagine you’re out hunting your favorite area and as your walking through a wooded area you walk right into an illegal marijuana grow.

This is what has happened on two different occasions. One in Lincoln County and the other in Nye County. Nevada Division of investigations (NDI) and the Eastern Nevada Narcotics Task Force have been working on these two cases for four months. Identifying the areas that they were located in and then planning and preparing for the eradication of the marijuana grows.

NDI and the Task Force worked directly with law enforcement from other agencies which included the National Forest Service, BLM, DEA, National Guard, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Nye County Sheriff’s Office and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The Lincoln County marijuana grow was located near Eagle Valley. It was eradicated on September 21st and 22nd.

Law enforcement reported that 15,499 plants were located inside the marijuana grow. The value of the plants was estimated to be over sixteen million dollars.  One suspect was arrested and is being held at the Lincoln County Jail facility.

The Nye County marijuana grow was located near Railroad Valley. It was eradicated on September 28th and 29th.

Law enforcement reported that 2,900 plants were located inside the marijuana grow. The estimated value of those plants were over seven million dollars.

These marijuana grows are extremely dangerous to the public and also wildlife. Most of the time the people working the marijuana grows are armed and are a threat to anyone entering into the area.  The fertilizer that is used and other chemicals are poisonous to wildlife and are considered biohazardous.

The growers damage the public lands by destroying the natural vegetation and leave behind trash and other contaminates.

If you ever see anything suspicious while you’re out enjoying the great outdoors you are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (775) 289-8808

The Eastern Nevada Narcotics Task Force is comprised of the, White Pine County Sheriff’s Office, Eureka County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, and the Nevada Department of Public Safety.