In last week’s Ely City Council Meeting several people showed up to voice their opinion on the possible one-way street project for Mill and Murry streets.

A letter sent by Rick Stork was read into public comment about this topic as well as the mandatory recycling of cardboard.

Stork questioned the cost of signage that would need to be put up to for the streets, suggesting that the city council do their homework before they spend any more funds.

The topic of making cardboard recycling mandatory did not have much discussion. It was suggested by Councilwoman Jolene Gardner that advertising and education be made to the public on where the cardboard needs to go at the landfill.

Pat Jackson, a 35-year resident of Mill Street, spoke before the council mentioning that in the winter months the streets are hardly plowed, leaving it very difficult for a resident to get to their homes, making it one way would cause some residents to have to drive all the way up one street to turn around and go down the other street.

Two other residents on Murry and Mill also spoke during public comment citing that something needed to be done about residents parking on the sidewalks, and the difficulty it would cause for residents if the street became one-way streets.

City Engineer B.J. Almberg said “I brought this up to the council to see if there was any appetite to remedy the situation.”

Half a million dollars was just spent on a portion of Murry Street, and people are parking on the sidewalk because the street is too narrow.

“I think it’s illegal to park on the the sidewalk,” he said. “It’s very important we don’t allow people too, this is not beneficial to the improvements we just made.”

City Attorney XXXXX mentioned that Robert Switzer, city administrator drafted a notice that was sent to all residents of Murry and Mill that if they continue to park on the sidewalk they will be cited. This letter will be going out shortly.

Councilman Tony DeFelice said “I think we should ask the residents, so what they suggest.”

Gardner suggested, “We do a study first and see if it’s feasible or not.”

Amberg answered,“There are still a lot of factors to look at if something like this is going to happen like signage, markings, etc. But I didn’t want to work on this if there’s no appetite for it.”

Gardner made a motion to request Captain Scott Henroid to complete a traffic study on Murry and Mill streets.