By Captain Scott Henriod WPCSO 

Trick or Treat. Yes it’s that time of year October 31st where ghost, witches, super heroes and all other kinds of spooky and scary things are out walking around our community hoping to fill their containers with all kinds of sweet treats.

With all these little characters out and about we need to be extra careful as were driving or participating in the Halloween events.

Here are a few ideas for all of us so we make sure this is an enjoyable night.

1. Drive safe. Slowdown in residential areas. When you back up make sure it’s clear, check and then double check. Small children are hard to see. Children are excited on Halloween night and might dart out into traffic.

2. Trick or treat as a group. Do not trick or treat by yourself.

3. Wear costumes that can be seen during the evening hours. Reflective material or bright colors are encouraged. Try and stay away from dark material.

4. Carry a flashlight or cell phone that has a flashlight.

5. If your costume needs a mask to enhance the Halloween experience you might want to try face paint instead, but if you go with the mask make sure you have good visibility.

6. Accept your Halloween treats from the porch. Don’t go inside strangers homes.

7. Make sure you check all your treats before you eat them. If the wrapping is off the treat throw it away. Make sure the treat is appropriate for the child that is eating it. Hard candy can be a choking hazard for small children.

8. As the home owner where children are coming to visit for that special treat, make sure your porch light is on and your dog is placed in an area where trick or treaters won’t have contact with him.

Let’s make this a fun and safe Halloween for all.