During Wednesday’s White Pine County Commission meeting, an agenda item had been requested by White Pine County’s Public Works Director Bill Calderwood for discussion, and approval to enter into an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Ely Road Department for shared services without the exchange of funds.

Dave Berky, the department head for the City of Ely’s road department, requested the same item for the Oct. 12, Ely City Council meeting and it was approved

Calderwood spoke before the commission saying that him and Burky have been thinking of different ways to work with different entities, so there is something in place.

“We want to have this in place, for example, if the city needs assistance hauling snow, they need trucks with assistance with their snow blower, we can go help them,” Calderwood said. “Depending on how the commission wants to do it we can track those hours, we didn’t want to make it complicated, like our trucks are newer, their worth more, we figure it we got into the money situation it would make it difficult.”

It was mentioned that they are both willing to work with District Attorney Mike Wheable and City Attorney Chuck Odgers so the agreement is complete,  legal and fair.

Burky mentioned there wouldn’t be any monetary exchange, just hours of time. Calderwood reiterated to the commission that if there was something they wanted them to track they would.

“We discussed ideas if we were assisting the city and the equipment needed to be filled up, we would come by where they get fuel, top ours off so there’s no loss….we can do this in many ways,” Calderwood said.

It appeared as though all of the commission members seemed to be very perceptive to this type of agreement.

Councilman Gary Perea said, “This is one of those things I think about is why haven’t we been doing this before, I just want to make sure we take care of the county residents as well, and we help each other out.”

Burky, who was standing at the podium alongside City Engineer B.J. Almberg, and Bill Calderwood said “There’s not going to be any kind of shortfall, I’m not going to give up what I’m doing in the city to go help the county and Bill isn’t going to give up the County to help the city.”

The comments seemed to be repeatedly the same, both entities want to work together without any kind of monetary involvement.  Calderwood repeatedly asked the commission if there was anything specific they wanted to wanted to see happen, “We could do a one and done.”

Councilman Shane Bybee said, “I think we just have a great opportunity here to demonstrate how we can work with the city and county together. I’m very pleased with this.”

Calderwood mentioned that during the Regional Transportation Commission meetings, he noticed some of the projects were going to need assistance with flagging, and mentioned that the city might need assistance.

Calderwood commented that the city doesn’t even have a gravel pit, “they need a load of chips out of the 212 pit, they were given to the county by the state and they didn’t make specs so if they need a load, we didn’t pay for them,  I mean, if they need a load,” said Calderwood.

Perea made a motion to start the process for an interlocal agreement with the city and county for shared services. Carol McKenzie seconded the motion, and the item was approved unanimously.